Friday, December 19, 2008

Remains of missing toddler, Caylee Anthony, identified..

Discovered in an area that was supposed to have been searched already, what is left of the toddler could have been found as early as August. Cause of death would have been easier to establish at that point. As it stands, cause of death can't be determined. This little girl is a victim of incompetence in life and after death. She has been failed by all upon whom she would have relied for a decent life.

Maybe it is better this way for her that she is free of the craziness.

Casey. the mother, has not spoken one true word about her daughter's disappearance since the story originally broke. Her capacity to fabricate is enormous. This can't be anything new, and the parents of this woman must have known that she NEVER ever tells the truth.

Cindy, the grandmother, has openly admitted to misleading the authorities. She and her husband now want immunity from prosecution before they will tell a straight story. George does as he is told, it is said.

What chance would this little girl have had of anything approaching a normal life? Any innocence she had prior to death would have been replaced by less than favourable qualities shown by her immediate family of late.

The local police chief is saying that there were thousands of 'leads', so it would be easy enough to 'lose' the three leads which would have lead to finding the body months ago. The police, professional searchers, mediums, all kinds of people had been looking for Caylee, but the three reports of a suspicious bag within a half mile of her home were obviously not properly followed up. Too busy; we looked there already; didn't want to get our feet wet; there was a snake there.

It is very sad that a little child's life has to end the way this one did, but people knew that not all was well, and the statements of morons who have appeared on TV interviews justifying dysfunctional behaviour is absolutely sickening.

Let's all live in La-La land and pretend that all around us is 'tangerine trees and marmalade skies'.

Nobody wants to take responsibility anymore. Caylee Anthony is not the first to die like this, and she will not be the last, and we have learned NOTHING.

Sit quietly for a minute, close your eyes, and pray in advance for the next child to be let down by society, because there is a child there in the wings with thousands standing in line behind.