Monday, July 14, 2014

Hangover, Hangover, Hangover …

This is where Psy, internationally famous for ‘Gangnam Style’, and Snoop Dogg, famous for his ‘Doggystyle’ album in 1993 which sold a million copies in the first week, come together to describe and show a state that many of us have experienced first hand.

There has been criticism that Snoop betrayed his original musical  rapper roots, but as he adopted the name Snoop Lion to fit his re-invented style as a Rastafarian Reggae artist, I doubt that he feels the same way as his original fan base.

The story goes that Psy contacted Snoop Dogg, asked if he wanted to co-make a song, Snoop asked for the title, and on hearing it immediately said YES. The song was put together across the Internet and Pacific Ocean, each artist recording in their own countries and then merging both parts.

Even for an old timer like me, the video version of the song is fun to watch, and the two stars obviously had fun making it.

As it says in the song, ‘nothin left to say’, except for maybe ENJOY.. Smile

As per any video, there may be scenes which you feel are unnecessary and/or unwarranted, but I would suggest that you remove your ‘party-pooper’ hat, sit back and watch the fun..