Saturday, June 01, 2013

Psy does it again..

You can’t keep a good man down. Psy is the Korean entertainer who brought us ‘Gangnam Style’, and he has a new release called ‘Gentleman’.

Gangnam Style was about Seoul yuppies from the Gangnam area of the city, and it showed oddities like women keeping fit by walking backwards. This might not be common around the world, but in Seoul, they do it.

Anyway, the beat and tune were memorable, and the response from audiences around the world was HUGE.

So, now we have ‘Gentleman’, a former Seoul yuppie who has now made it and feels like he rules/owns the world. His actions throughout the video fall below ‘Gentlemanly’, but it is all fun, a great beat, and another easy to remember tune.

The ‘live’ performances are not 100% live, and to be honest, anybody would be hard pressed to sing while moving about as Psy does on stage. But who cares? The audience has a great time, know the words and the ‘chorus’ bits from the release of the tune prior to the video and live performance, and everybody has huge fun and go home happy.

See for yourself.. and remember that it is all done in fun..