Friday, February 09, 2007

The Price of Life..

A NASA astronaut, a profession where one would imagine psychological screening is pretty tough, has been found to be wanting to abduct, scare, do harm, possibly end the life of another astronaut's life partner. I doubt very much that the occupants of the International Space Station will feel too much at ease knowing that there could be an irate, possibly homicidal maniac at the controls of the Space Shuttle.

It has been found out recently that hospitals in Los Angeles have been dumping homeless people on Skid Row, ostensibly to Skid Row services who will take in homeless people. Unfortunately, a hospital van was seen to dump a homeless person, wearing only a hospital gown and a broken colostomy bag, directly onto the street. This is NOT a one off incident.

Funds required for the 'War on Terror' will now start to cut into funds that should be allocated to health care for the people of America, we have been told. How comforting is that? More brave soldiers will be sent to Skid Row, Iraq in a last ditch attempt to save the pride of one man, and there may not be the funds available to fix them when they return home broken. This is NOT the example that the most powerful country should be demonstrating to the rest of the world. This is sheer lunacy, and will attract the lunatic element. I say 'will attract'. It already has.

If the world's population was to be compressed into a village of 100 people, keeping the balance of types in proportion, this is the breakdown.

  • 60 Asians
  • 12 Europeans
  • 5 US Americans/Canadians
  • 8 Latin Americans
  • 14 Africans

Forty nine would be female, and 51 would be male.

Mr America, look closely at the numbers here. Next time you approach a lectern for a press conference, think about what you or your script writers have written into your speech. Threats and slurs aimed at all non-Americans may not be such a good idea. Denigrating Europeans for not wanting to join in a war that they could see would go nowhere, and that is exactly what it has done, is not cool. Treating Latin Americans like dogs, almost a national sport, will not work in your best interests either. Africans will do whatever Africans do, being essentially at the mercy of all others, unless really riled of course. And then there are the Asians, everybody east of the former Iron Curtain countries. Are these people really such a threat to freedom, or are they just trying to defend themselves against an evermore autocratic USA?

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