Monday, May 07, 2007

What a mess..

The 'surge' in Iraq is looking more like backwash. A town in Kansas was almost entirely wiped out by a tornado. Thirty two people were shot dead on the Virginia Tech campus. A British driver ended up parking a Mercedes SLK in a river, courtesy of directions given by the built in GPS navigation system. Canada was accused of having 'spy' money in circulation, a novelty colorized 'quarter' suspected of having layered nanotechnology affixed to it.

Growing the crop to enable enough Ethanol to replace gasoline will see millions of acres of forest possibly disappear. Global warming will see more than a few animals consigned to extinction, and wholesale changes to the way that millions presently live. Petfood was found to be contaminated to the point where almost all had to be removed from sale, and once again, animal feed used by farmers has come under scrutiny because it too was found to be contaminated, and had most likely found it's way into the human food chain.

France welcomed the newly elected President by rioting in the streets, and a wingless Boeing 737 was left parked on a busy street in Mumbai after the driver lost his way and decided to run off.

Welcome to civilization!!

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