Monday, June 11, 2007

The Answer Is Out There..

.. but is it the right answer, the answer we want to hear, or the answer that they want us to believe? The answer could be any combination of the three conditions.

OK. It's quiz time, but before you look at the questions, I would like you to view a video clip. If you live near an airport, or are a frequent flier, you will have seen something similar many times, but still take a look.

I will never cease to be impressed watching stuff like that. Now, you are ready to take the quiz. As with all questions, read them thoroughly, and not just once. Ensure that you understand each question before answering.

So, how did you make out? 5 of 5? If you passed on any, I have some more for you to read and look through.

Some reading for you..

.. and another video clip to watch..

For more on that day, visit our video bar in the basement, the second of the two.

The events of that day have changed the lives of everybody on the planet. There were events that happened behind the scenes before that day still begging the question "why did they do that?". There were events that happened after the initial strikes that beg the same question. If you come to the conclusion that I did, you are most probably scared too.

If all of the above was staged to get us 'in the mood' to accept the now discredited propaganda that took us to war with Saddam Husseins Iraq, it most surely worked. The worst is that it could work again, and maybe you or somebody you know will be on the next death roll.

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