Friday, July 13, 2007

Questions For Creationists..

.. from a somewhat bemused resident of the North American continent.

When Noah and his wife visited Canada to pick up a male and female of each resident animal, the task was made easy in some instances because a male Moose, for example, has a large set of antlers and the female doesn't.

Skunks are a whole different ballpark, and one has to be brave to take on the job of 'sexing' one of these critters. Also, when he was dropping them back off after the great flood subsided, would it have been possible to have inadvertently mixed the country codes on the tags or inventory listing. Should Canada have gotten the Kangaroos, and Australia the Skunks maybe? What safeguards were in place, if any at all?

If the voyage to pick up all animals was a long one, how did he cope with the inevitable Moose rut? Nobody in their right mind gets within a mile or more of a male Moose intent on 'rutting'. And just one more question for now. How did he or his wife stop the beavers from eating their way out through the hull of the ark?

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