Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Sneaky Snack-eating Seagull..

The crime rate in Aberdeen, Scotland, has taken an unexpected upturn recently, but this is not the story of just any old 'jail-bird', and the villain will not be doing 'porridge' for his crime. In fact, local people are paying willingly for his dastardly deed.

Sam Seagull is a resourceful, tough character whose criminal act is along the lines of the well known rascal 'Robin Hood'. While Sam does profit somewhat from his crime, he is not averse to sharing his plunder with others of his type and kind.

Seagulls are know to have a diverse diet, including anything in the hand of an unsuspecting human. Fish and chips, sandwiches, ice cream etc are all fair game for a seagull, but they generally wait until a human has purchased the foodstuff.

Sam has decided not to wait for the purchase transaction, taking the law into his own beak by snaffling 'Tangy Cheese' flavored Doritos from a display just inside the door of a local store.

To see Sam in action, click on the link below..

Sam and friends...

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