Saturday, December 30, 2006

Political Comment..

Saddam Hussein has been executed having been found guilty of complicity in the localized massacre of Shias, around 150 in number. Why was there no mention of the mass gassing of Kurds in Northern Iraq? Over 5000 Kurds died as a result of Saddam Hussein. Could it be that there was no mention because WMD used in the Kurd Massacre was sold to him by the US and the UK?

Is it any wonder that Saddam Hussein was not allowed to mention this incident during any of his trial? When Western forces went looking for WMD, was it an attempt to try to cover up the origination evidence before the rest of us gotten to see?

Saddam Hussein is finally gone, but the ill-fated 'War on Terror' continues, ironically promising more terror.

Now, I guess we can all sit back and wait for the next Osama Bin Laden video postcard "Having a wonderful time. Glad you're not here."

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