Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Technical Part..

This blog is authored on a home constructed PC with the following specification.

  • Biostar T6100-939 motherboard
  • AMD 64 3500+ processor
  • 3gb DDR 400 RAM
  • MSI NX6600 VTD256E video card
  • 2 x 80gb 7200rpm 8mb cache Western Digital hard drives
  • 80gb 7200rpm 8mb cache Western Digital USB external hard drive
  • LG DVD/RW and CD/RW optical drives

The system is hard wired to a D-Link 624i broadband router and connects to the internet via a Speedstream 4200 DSL modem which it shares with three other computers.

The operating system is Microsoft 'Vista', and all posts are edited in Microsoft Word 2007, part of Microsoft Office Professional 2007. There is also a full complement of other programs which combine to make it a very versatile and powerful machine.

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