Thursday, January 18, 2007

"It isn't our fault" ..

A recent headline (Jan 16, 2007).. 'Three Long Island, N.Y. teenage girls were arrested Tuesday on charges that they punched and kicked another girl and recorded the beating so they could broadcast it online.'


This is just one more step towards anarchy by society in general. The parents blame the schools, the schools blame the parents, and the kids involved blame each other. Nobody takes responsibility. In a society where fame, if not always fortune, is regarded as something we can't do without, more of this kind of stuff will be seen.

More echoes..

A guy in an Atlanta, Georgia courthouse is escorted through the building by the smallest female police officer available, takes her gun, walks into a court, shooting the judge and court recorder, and then calmly walks out of the courthouse to continue his killing spree under the watchful eye of cctv cameras. Seconds later, all that can be heard echoing through the building are the words 'it wasn't me'.

A guy in Hungerford, England, living with his mother, having no known friends, recognized as being seriously introverted, is granted a firearms licence for multiple high power weapons. The licence is granted by the local Police. Having first killed his mother, he walks out of the house, and starts an unprecedented killing spree. The local Police station echoes the words 'It wasn't our fault, we didn't know'.

A mother has two young daughters, and a nine month old baby. One of the daughters has already been in hospital being treated for tapeworm, and the baby is admitted with nutritional problems. The mother lied to the doctors and nurses, but they had their own suspicions and reported the case to Social Services. SS couldn't find any problem. Yeah right. The baby eats French fries off of the floor with the family dog, climbs onto a pile of dirty laundry in a corner of the kitchen when tired, and SS can't find a problem. I knew the family and knew well what was going down there.

When I questioned SS about it, guess what I heard?

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