Friday, January 05, 2007

To Be or Not To Be..

If one was to sit the average person in front of a computer, and ask them to produce a summer scene using Windows Paint, this is the kind of result that one might see.

Not exactly a 'Constable' is it. With such rudimentary, simple tools in a Windows freebie program, who would expect more? If you are wondering, it is a likeness, albeit a vague likeness, of a spider descending from a tree with a view to taking a walk through the pretty flowers.

OK, now take a look at this, also produced using exactly the same program. Hard to believe that it could possible. The detail is amazing. Obviously, it took a while, and the artist was extremely skillful.

Next time you come across Windows Paint, remember this picture, and remember that it is not just a freebie 'kids stuff' program.

Artist of the canal scene - 'Diamonster'

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