Friday, January 12, 2007

The 'Surge'

They were expendable..

They still are..
The plan is to send a further 21,500 troops into Iraq. The Pentagon has removed the limit for the time that a soldier serves actively. This means that any soldier might well serve to the finish, whenever that may come, without a break. One has to wonder when we should expect a further lowering of enlistment age.

A message to all sides involved..
Look back at any confllict, any war. Try to find anything anywhere showing us that somebody won. How many more newspapers do we have to see carrying pictures like this one of Kim Phuc? (click on 'Kim's Story' in the 'links' section)

Do we have to wait until all of the countryside looks like this?

Instead of looking at other cultures and seeing a threat, look at other cultures and see what they have to offer that may just improve your own.

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Anonymous said...

may God bless all of them and the nation for their sacrifice