Sunday, January 07, 2007


An unholy coloring and salty, harsh taste places Marmite at the top of the 'acquired taste' list. More British than fish and chips, Marmite is a by-product of beer brewing, essentially yeast extract and full of vitamin B. It really is good for you, and I should know. I was a 'Marmite' baby, brought up on the stuff. Of course, non-Brits never quite know what to do with it, so here are a couple of hints.

Toast some good quality white bread (it has to be always white), butter it while still hot, and then spread some Marmite very thinly across the toast. Now cut it up into strips, 3/4in wide, and you have the British delicacy known as Marmite Soldiers, a variation on plain Toast Soldiers, ideal for dipping into a soft boiled egg.

For those of you who like potato chip sandwiches, another Brit delicacy, again use white bread and real butter (salted), spread Marmite thinly, and add plain potato chips as required. Now 'sandwich' the Marmite, butter and potato chips between another piece of buttered white bread.

Marmite is an accredited 'Vegetarian' product, and also approved as a Kosher product, even though not strictly 100% Kosher.

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sounds almost like worth a try, I will be back if I don't like it